Scalp or Be Scalped

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...With a sound that comes across as a grittier punk rock Bruce Springsteen meets the Midwestern roots and straightforward punch of Lifter Puller, Ohio Knife make a fitting soundtrack for a rowdy, whiskey-soaked night out with the boys. Jason Snell brings raspy, two-toned howls that would make Lemmy proud, while bassist Scotty Wood and drummer Joe Suer provide a pounding backbone to make for some gloriously sleazy garage boogie. The band does it all with heart, letting you know they’re pouring themselves into every note.  – GLIDE MAGAZINE

10 tracks of pure rock-and-Roll goodness that is sure to remind you of some of your favorite rock bands of the ’70s. – AXS

Giant-sounding swampy southern-tinged rock.  – CINCINNATI ENQUIRER

… a kick-ass rock and roll release.  Raspy and bold vocals meet a hard-rock guitar feel, but don’t let that fool you. Deep down, these guys are full of Midwestern roots and create one-of-a-kind music that meets you in between classic headbanger riffs and sweet, Southern soul. – ELMORE MAGAZINE

… gut-punching rock and roll. – THE STRANGER

Ohio Knife makes dynamic, no-nonsense Rock & Roll that pulsates with a buzz-saw drive and a dark, raucous soulfulness. The band is gifted and tight but not overly clinical, allowing the music to flow with an organic grace. Snell’s voice has long been one of the best in Cincinnati’s music scene and his soul-dripping rasp is perfect for Ohio Knife’s dark corners and howl-at-the-moon intensity. – CITY BEAT

The Cincinnati band has shades of ‘70s acts like Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly, as well as newer bands like Portland rockers Red Fang, or The Sword. But when it turns things down a bit, there are also clear hints of groups like Queens of the Stone Age. – ROGUE VALLEY MESSENGER

… a blend of heavy, thrashy instrumentals and classic blues vocals. – 102.1 THE EDGE