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"Ohio Knife is OK!"" - EP
Ohio Knife is Jason Snell, Andrew Higley and Joe Suer

Ohio Knife is Jason Snell (Vocals and Guitars), Joe Suer (Drums and Vocals) and Andrew Higley (Keys and Vocals). 

Recorded and mixed all analog January 7th and 8th, 2012 at Welcome to 1979 Studios in Nashville, Tennessee by Chris Mara and Greg Thompson. Recorded using an MCI JH24 2" 24-Track recorder and mixed on a 1978 MCI JH428A console. For more information check out,

Mastered by Jim Diamond, Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, Michigan.
For more information check out,

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WHBV-004 Ohio Knife, Scalp or Be Scalped (Digital Download)


WHBV-004 Ohio Knife, Scalp or Be Scalped (Digital Download)

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Ohio Knife
Jason Snell - Vocals & Guitars
Joe Suer - Drums & Percussion
Scotty Wood - Bass & Vocals

Scalp or Be Scalped
Recorded by Ohio Knife and Paul Brumm at The Lodge in Dayton, KY, The Raeburn Ranch in Cincinnati, OH and by
John Curley at Ultrasuede in Cincinnati, OH.

Mixed and produced by Jason Snell and Joe Suer at
We Have Become Vikings and The Raeburn Ranch in Cincinnati, OH.

Special thanks to:
Andrew Higley for playing all keyboards and organs. 
Scott Beseler and Johnny Walker for letting us use the studio and all the great equipment at The Lodge.
Paul Brumm for helping us record and sharing his wisdom.
Dave Cupp for the Marshall head, we got a song or two out of it. Aaron Draplin for his support and all the rad Field Notes. Art Chantry for the graphics and packaging amazement.

Thank you Andrew Higley, Sara Bedinghaus, Charyl Mikles, Wednesday Wood, Nicole Zappanti, Brandon Hickle, Mike Gibboney, Shawn Abnoxious, Ringo Jones, Brian Niesz, Aaron Draplin, Brian Olive, Jason Nix, Scot Torres, Lou Suer and last but never least, Art Chantry.

All Music & Lyrics by Ohio Knife

All Art, Design & Packaging by Art Chantry
Copyright © & ™ All Rights Reserved Ohio Knife 2016

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