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Get ready to rock out to 'Scalp or Be Scalped' by Ohio Knife

Let's start with a pop quiz. Name a current band that is playing great rock and roll. Whoever you named, you should know thatOhio Knife needs to be added to your list. This Cincinnati band plays rock and roll reminiscent of the 70s on its new album Scalp or Be Scalped.

When you put this album on, you are immediately greeted with loud guitars and a beat that will have you pumping your fist. It's not a stretch to say that "Wish I Knew" will immediately remind you of 70s rock. This is a song that begs to be blared from the windows of an El Camino. In fact, that's not a bad description of the band's sound in general. "Day and Night" channels the spirit of KISS - with a twist. The melody is driven by a fuzzed-out guitar part and backed by a rhythm that will have you grooving. It's hard not to think about KISS as you listen. On top of that is a rocking piano part that makes the song that much better and makes you wonder why rock bands don't use the piano more often.

If you like the groove of "Day and Night", just wait until you hear "Creation Museum". You can feel the bass rumbling your gut on this song. If you don't have the bass cranked all the way up, you'll want to do that when you play this tune. The guitar solo and the beat are pretty groovy to. Tying the whole song together is an organ part that sounds like it was recorded in 1974.

The band brings the tempo down for "Tonight We Ride", but it is still unmistakably rock and roll. The piano part in this song is spare and haunting. It's easy to imagine this sound being used in a horror movie or part of a Faith No More song. The rest of the song meanwhile features the same fuzzy guitar sound you hear on the rest of the album. Then there is the guitar solo, which just might make you show off your air-guitar chops.

There's no real mystery on this album. It is 10 tracks of pure rock and roll goodness that is sure to remind you of some of your favorite rock bands of the 70s. Scalp or Be Scalped will be available from We Have Become Vikings Records on Friday, October 21.