Moerlein teams up with Ohio Knife for special brew

Moerlein + Ohio Knife Signature Brew

Nov 20, 2014, 12:55pm EST

Christian Moerlein and Ohio Knife are teaming up on a signature beer.

Andy Brownfield

Reporter-Cincinnati Business Courier

Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. is teaming up with Cincinnati band Ohio Knife for a limited edition beer that will be released on Nov. 26.

Ohio Knife Amber Ale will be released at a concert at the reopened Woodward Theater on Nov. 26 featuring Ohio Knife and fellow Cincinnati band Electric Citizen.

It's not the first time a brewery has collaborated with an artist on a signature brew – Iron Maiden, AC/DC and KISS have all done it – but this goes beyond slapping a band's logo on a beer bottle.

The beer is being released in tandem with a new EP from Ohio Knife, which describes itself as a "punch you in the gut, unforgiving, rock n' roll band." Christian Moerlein brewer Greg Wilson is friends with Ohio Knife guitarist and vocalist Jason Snell and they used to play music together. He said he previewed the album while brewing the beer.

"I'm a big fan personally of American amber ales, they're balanced and structured and have a bit of a backbone. The album had dark tones, so from a conceptual level, something like a pilsner wouldn't work," Wilson told me. "I also added a pretty hefty amount of American hops for an angular perception of some of the music I heard off the album."

Snell told me that the idea of pairing a signature beer with an album release was a no-brainer.

"What's a better combination than rock and roll and a beer?" he said. "Whether you're listening to a record or writing music or going to a show, there's a common thread of beer."

Snell is very familiar with Christian Moerlein and the local brewing scene. He is the founder of creative agency We Have Become Vikings, worked on the Cincinnati Strongman mural in Over-the-Rhine and collaborated with Moerlein on its Strongman Porter.

He wants the beer and EP release show to be an event. We Have Become Vikings and four local print shops – BLDG, Cryptogram Ink, Southpaw Prints and Powerhouse Factories – are all designing huge posters for the event, each of which will include a download for a song from the album.

"The music industry in general, no one's buying records anymore. It's the Internet now. It's a lot of pay to play," Snell said. "You throw it against the wall and maybe people will listen to it, maybe. My philosophy has been to do interesting projects and see what comes of it."

The beer will be a very limited release and only on draft. Moerlein is brewing only 11 barrels, or about 20 kegs, Wilson said. Ohio Knife Amber Ale will be available at Moerlein's Lager House, as well as bars and restaurants through Over-the-Rhine, Northside and Northern Kentucky. Those will include Seante, the Northside Tavern, the Comet, Mayday, MOTR and the Drinkery.

CityBeat Spill-It / Ohio Knife Gets Its Own Brew

Ohio Knife Gets Its Own Brew

Cincinnati rockers Ohio Knife are known for the creativity they bring to their endeavors, not only musically, but also in their presentation.

This Wednesday, the band is releasing a great four-song EP (Our Neighborhood) in conjunction with four limited-edition posters created by area print shops BLDG, Cryptogram, Powerhouse and Southpaw/We Have Become Vikings. Each hand-numbered poster comes with access to one of the EP’s songs; collect all four pieces and you’ll have the complete EP. 

Cool in itself, right? Adding an extra twist, the band will also be unveiling its very own beer, Ohio Knife Amber Ale, a collaboration with local brewer Christian Moerlein. The band worked with former bandmate (in the group Readymade) and Moerlein head brewer Gregg Wilson to create the brew.

In the press release for the unique release party, the band writes, “We decided on a American-style amber ale that is massively hopped with an experimental variety of amarillo, and citra. This beer is a liquid embodiment of a winding journey that a group of friends started on as a small college art-rock band and now has grown into a vision and we hope you enjoy this as much as we have enjoyed creating it.” 

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Wednesday’s release event is one of the first shows at the newly opened Woodward Theater (1404 Main St., Over-the-Rhine, and powerhouse local rockers Electric Citizen, who have been busy touring their asses off and building an ever-growing fanbase across the country, are also performing. Showtime is 9:30 p.m. and admission is $7. (

Great Review of "Our Neighborhoods" by Jim Nolan at WVXU 91.7

Thanks  WVXU and Jim, really appreciate the kind words!

Ohio Knife always gives you more than you expect, yet you still want seconds. If there is a real-life personification of the "this one goes to eleven" mentality, you can find it in this Cincinnati band made up of Scotty Wood [bass], Andrew Higley [keyboards],Joe Suer [drums] and Jason Snell [guitar, vocals].

Everything about Ohio Knife is big, bold, loud and full of serious in-your-face attitude. The same can be said for everything about their latest release Our Neighborhood.

The band recorded this album at Dayton, KY's  The Lodge with a mission to take their larger-than-life attitude from the stage to the studio. But when the recording, mixing and mastering was done, they decided that no typical album release party would suffice. In order to do justice to Our Neighborhood, they had to do it bolder, louder and bigger than ever before.

Few things in the world go better with rock-n-roll than beer, so Ohio Knife joined forces with Gregg Wilson, head brewer at Christian Moerlein Brewing Companyto craft a special, super-hopped beer named -- what else -- Ohio Knife Amber Ale.  

When asked about this part of the project, Snell commented:

The intrinsic connection between beer and music can be seen in any venue across the country. The idea of fusing music, art and beer in a collaborative effort has been in the making for over a decade[...] The discussion of “Rock N’Roll & Beer” came through in a true collaboration - a labor of music, art and beer.

The celebration of Our Neighborhood also coincides with the release of 4 limited-edition, hand-numbered posters printed by four local companies known for their bold sense of design: BLDGCryptogramPowerhouse Factories and a collaboration between Southpaw Prints and Snell's own We Have Become Vikings.

From the high-octane rock of "Low Road" to the bluesy grunge of "I Wish I Knew," Our Neighborhood has the power and presence that has made Ohio Knife one of Cincinnati's premier live performers and earned them a CEA nomination fromCityBeat  last year (an award won by Electric Citizen).

In choosing a favorite this week from this 4-song collection, I was truly torn between "Bleed You" and "Hold Your Tongue" - tracks that both contain a lovely hybrid of "God of Thunder" power-pulse and "Outshined" crunchiness. Scotty Wood's bass line on "Hold Your Tongue" goes straight for the gut and rocks your brains out.

However, "Bleed You" won me over because of two key components:  one, there are some exceptionally lovely backing vocals performed by Beth Harris and Maria Seda-Reeder that give this track a richer depth and broader range. And two, there is a shining moment in the song, about 3 minutes in, where Andrew Higley's keys take over. It is a sublime and tasty moment that will simply make your toes curl.

The cherry-on-top of this musical feast is that the band will celebrate the release of Our Neighborhood at the newly-reincarnated and beautifully historic Woodward Theater (1404 Main Street, Cincinnati) on Thanksgiving Eve - Wednesday, November 26.  Joining in the festivities will be Electric Citizen who have been touring all-over and working on their new album for Riding Easy Records.  

Every bar and club in town will be working extra-hard to draw a crowd on this, the 'biggest bar night of the year,' but if you have a passion for great, live local music in a nearly perfect setting, you owe it to yourself to head downtown to The Woodward and give thanks for some super high-energy rock & roll.

Thanksgiving Eve 2014 -- OHIO KNIFE AMBER ALE from MOERLEIN!

Please join us Thanksgiving Eve, November 26th, at the newly renovatedThe Woodward Theater. Ohio Knife will release its very own beer in collaboration with Christian Moerlein Brewing Co., and we couldn't be more thrilled! We are proud to celebrate the reopening of the historic Woodward Theater with our good friends, Electric Citizen — one of the hottest bands of 2014!

Electric Citizen
Formed just over a year ago by guitarist Ross Dolan, vocalist Laura Dolan, Nick Vogelpohl (bass) and Nate Wagner (drums) Electric Citizen have had a busy year turning heads and ears onto their dark and esoteric style of haunting and unhallowed ’60s West Coast rock, and decidedly British-influenced heavy psychedelia.

Ohio Knife
Ohio Knife is a punch you in the gut, unforgiving, rock n' roll band hailing from the great midwestern city of Cincinnati, USA. Utilizing off-the-beaten-path tunings, Ohio Knife's Jason Snell brings raspy, two-toned vocals and spooky, soulful, trashy guitars while Joe Suer drops an ass-load of low-end drums, Scotty Wood provides the thumping low-end bass, and Andrew Higley, delivers all the booming fuzzed-out organ you could ever wish for in rock.

Christian Moerlein Brewing Co.
Cincinnati's award winning craft brewery. Celebrating the brewing traditions of founder Christian Moerlein, a German immigrant to Cincinnati since 1853.

Woodward Theater 
Celebrating the 100th year of Over The Rhine's Woodward Theater by bringing her back to life as a live music venue and events hall!

In the studio, at The Lodge, recording our first full-length

Big thanks to Scott Beseler, Paul Brumm, Jason Nix and Johnny Walker at The Lodge, in Dayton Kentucky for helping us record our first-full length album. We got through 15 tracks, over an hour worth of material. Now, we're finishing up overdubs at The Stable, and should have 30-40min. for a record to shop to the world in the coming month or so. We will have a treat or two soon!

Recording at The Lodge with Paul Brumm

Recording at The Lodge with Paul Brumm

Nice review on Midwest Action

Cincinnati is no stranger to the music festival. With a genre-spanning line-up announced, Midpoint Music Fest definitely gives others a run for their money. Wristband sales are up, the expansion into Washington Park has been a wild success, and everything seems to be coming up Milhouse for MPMF.


You can only play indie folk for so long until the rock gods call you back. This is exactly what happened with Jason Snell before forming the trio, Ohio Knife. The outfit is driving with rich vocals, fuzzy guitar, and pronounced melodies. They’re pure energetic rock ‘n’ roll, and also have a few online reviews praising their live show. It sounds like a recipe for a good time. Fans of Filligar or Mutts are going to enjoy Ohio Knife.

Split into three days (September 26-28) and fifteen venues, it’s easy to look at a festival like MPMF and get a little overwhelmed. Or, it’s easy to look at all the information and want to organize it all. Everything. Every last bit. Well, here’s where we fit in: we’re here to highlight some regional artists from each day to make the decision between Venue A and Venue B a little easier.

MPMF 2013, Mainstay Rock Bar, Thurs.26, 10:45


Thursday 10:45PM

Ohio Knife (Cincinnati)


After creating warm, textural Indie Folk for several years in The Chocolate Horse with numerous bandmates, Cincinnati artist/singer/songwriter Jason Snell was ready to strip things down and rock the fuck out, so he formed Ohio Knife. Starting out as a recording trio with drummer Joe Suer and out-of-town keyboardist Andrew Higley, Snell and Suer started played explosive duo shows (including showcases at South by Southwest) before adding musicians, like bassist Scotty Wood. The band is driving and fuzzed out, with Snell sailing his rich vocals and pronounced melodies over the crafty, musical drumming of Suer and the swell of distorted soul.

YDIIYD: Queens of the Stone Age, JEFF the Brotherhood, Fidlar. (MB)